St-Erme day 3

Today the theme with Nicolas Collins is toy hacking. Some people really took off and made a lot of hacked toys. Some got frustrated, because the toys die, or they cannot be hacked or they just had enough – which is fine of course.

Some people did put the challenge quite high. We started the morning with a massive furby skinning session in front of the camera for T.E. who is also in St-Erme.

Afterwards we wanted to circuit bend these furbies – but that appeared to be harder than we thought. Quite some time a few people tried to bend the furby without a tutorial, but in the end we cracked and looked on the interweb.
Here’s a selection of websites:

These two are for regular furbies

This cryptic one is for a furby baby:

The nicest hack is glitch – where the furby goes through it’s whole vocabulary in a fragmented babel-esque way…

And then for some furby behaviour analysis: when they say they are hungry, you need to press their tongue!! Check out some furby behaviour.

These two furbies don’t want to wake up.

Plogger Image

I’ll try this tutorial and see what it gives..

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  1. Posted 17/09/2009 at 3:53 am | Permalink

    Hey thanks for the link to my furby bendy tute. Looks like the workshop went well great to see so many of those infuriatingly cute fuzzy faces on one page!
    Cheers :~john