A Frankenscript practice

At this moment I am trying to make an interactive distance measuring exercise, a second version of “Do(n’t) stand so close to me” with a sonar, 4 leds and a waveshield working together with an arduino. As I’m not a coder (yet?) I rely heavily on tutorials and the generosity of other coders that decide to put a correct piece of code online.
What I then do is use the code of project A – and I try to stretch it to the point that the code does what I want it to do (mostly until it breaks).

Then you go look for code for another part of a project – and there again, you fiddle, trial and error.

Then it is time to mash-up, or as a person writing on the Adafruit forum called it “Frankenscript”.
At this moment my particular Frankenscript is not working (oohh) so it is time for plan B and C ->
B: e-mail the list of Hackerspace Brussels and go there this Tuesday evening
C: post on the Adafruit-Waveshield Forum
(in the meantime also adding some answers and asking some questions elsewhere on that Forum: about using Sox to convert audio on Linux and on the new structure of the libraries of the new Arduino (17).

My desk at this moment:

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