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On taking notes and the act of writing something down

When I was a student, it was in the pre-laptop era, taking notes was a valuable action. The better your notes, the better your end results and examinations. You were highly trained, very fast, listening and writing at the same time. I was very particular about my pens, they had to slide over the paper […]

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Melville & annotations

I’m preparing a talk on licenses and art, for next Tuesday. In my research I stumbled on the importance of books in the life of 19th century author Herman Melville. This post is not about the books that influenced him as such, but about the annotations he made in them. From Melville’s Marginalia: From youth […]

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Ebooks with Open Source Licenses

I got an e-mail today from my favourite graphic artist on eBooks with free licenses about programming. Here goes: Best and Free Programming Ebooks with Open Source Licenses

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Our cluttered minds

Most of the time I’m not a very concentrated person, my attention span can be very short (it can also be very long). I quite easily get distracted because I feel my senses are very open for impulses most of the time. I like reading on how a mind works, remembers, relives, lacks or gives […]

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Getting started with sewing electronics : books and manuals

Today I got a phone call by two ladies who are part of De geuzen, asking me : “hey Wendy, we want to start with sewing electronics into something wearable, where do we start?” Immediately I see a lot of links flashing before my eyes, books, tutorials, manuals, all with their specific qualities and specifications. […]

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