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Ultrasonic City

For the last three months I have been working on urban audio environments, called “Ultrasonic City”. The first public shape this took on was in the form of an interactive installation. Here’s a short description: “What do you hear in the city? What sounds are only perceptible in the ultrasonic realm, where bats and crickets […]

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Interpunctie & Talking posters

As many other human beings who once apon a time were present in the bolwerK realm, I received an invitation to come to Kasterlee, to the Frans Masereelcentrum. The object was clear: work with the bolwerK archive. The form, size, way in which to deal with this archive was open. As Masereel is the place […]

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Stitching Stories – ReNUM expo in Nantes

From Thursday to Sunday I was in Nantes finishing the collectively made map with stories of inhabitants of Nantes – part of the ReNUM project organised by Ping. Early December 2010, 4 Constant members (Nicolas Malevé, An Mertens, Wendy Van Wynsberghe, Peter Westenberg) were invited by Ping to Nantes. For once, we were not organizing […]

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Plankton Bar #39 & Documenting something you have done before but forgot how to do it

The month of March and April 2011, I’m in a residency in Bains::Connective. I also continue my Constant activities simultaneously. For the second public moment of this residency, Plankton Bar #39 on the first of April, some Softwearables I have made will be presented. Here’s the little text I wrote about the Plankton bar (always […]

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Open Hardware Definition 1.0 released!

The Open Hardware definition is the result of a collective writing exercise. The definition has undergone a few rounds of feedback, and feedback collection has been done (online, forums, open hardware summit, stakeholder’s websites, email etc) and posted here for review. I’m curious on how this will be used – and if the usage of […]

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Arduino the documentary

The Arduino Documentary made by Laboral is out: Some parts are a bit to fluffy for my taste (mail me to get my definition of fluff), but I like the moments where they talk about open hardware. My preferred part is the moment where Massimo Banzi explained the choice for openness, in relation to the […]

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On Multiplexers – or input hunger

For a project in December, where if all goes well I will have 45 hand-made sewn buttons to trigger 45 sounds. As I want to trigger real buttons from the physical realm, it is clearly microcontroller time. I will use an Arduino on the physical computing side of the set-up. An Arduino has a limited […]

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Open Hardware definition

When the Arduino people decided to make Arduino open (put the plans online for example), there was no specific license which was applicable to hardware. Open licenses started out in the software realm – they have for example been adapted and modified for text (GNU Free Documentation License) and art (the Free Art License). The […]

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Wearable tech

On Thursday I gave a little presentation at the academy ESAPV in Mons. I was invited by the Arts Numérique department run by Michel Cleempoel. (arts numérique could be translated as digital art) The morning began with a little presentation. I started out with talking a bit about Constant, what I do as a member […]

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Softwearables – do(n’t) stand so close to me part 2 – a story and some code

Tomorrow there is the opening of Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne, and I was asked to show a bit of Softwearables in one of the Constant rooms in the building. I decided to work on the project I presented at The Ever Mass land in July – and to add sound to it plus […]

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