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On how to work on someone else’s file

For the CanvasCollectie exhibition I asked Ludivine Loiseau from OSP to design the adjoining texts. I also asked her to try and capture the way your code looks in a simple code editor (it colour codes certain commands). I sent her this screenshot (click to enlarge): To get the code in these colours she had […]

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Thursday the 11 of March I’ll give a little hands on sewing and electronics workshop in the Media & Design Academy in Genk. Here’s the puntkom_04_flyer. You are welcome to join – you have to enroll. There is also another more brainstormy workshop by Berit Greinke, which I would follow if I were not giving […]

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Wearable tech

On Thursday I gave a little presentation at the academy ESAPV in Mons. I was invited by the Arts Numérique department run by Michel Cleempoel. (arts numérique could be translated as digital art) The morning began with a little presentation. I started out with talking a bit about Constant, what I do as a member […]

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Softwearables – do(n’t) stand so close to me part 2 – a story and some code

Tomorrow there is the opening of Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne, and I was asked to show a bit of Softwearables in one of the Constant rooms in the building. I decided to work on the project I presented at The Ever Mass land in July – and to add sound to it plus […]

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Getting started with sewing electronics : materials and lovely switches

Hannah Perner Wilson and Mika Satomi have made this second little chapter on sewing electronics really easy for me. I don’t have to do anything except point you to their website. To get started, go to that excellent reference archive: To learn more about possible materials you can use for sewing with electronics: start […]

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Getting started with sewing electronics : books and manuals

Today I got a phone call by two ladies who are part of De geuzen, asking me : “hey Wendy, we want to start with sewing electronics into something wearable, where do we start?” Immediately I see a lot of links flashing before my eyes, books, tutorials, manuals, all with their specific qualities and specifications. […]

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A Frankenscript practice

At this moment I am trying to make an interactive distance measuring exercise, a second version of “Do(n’t) stand so close to me” with a sonar, 4 leds and a waveshield working together with an arduino. As I’m not a coder (yet?) I rely heavily on tutorials and the generosity of other coders that decide […]

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St-Erme day 3

Today the theme with Nicolas Collins is toy hacking. Some people really took off and made a lot of hacked toys. Some got frustrated, because the toys die, or they cannot be hacked or they just had enough – which is fine of course. Some people did put the challenge quite high. We started the […]

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St-Erme day two

Here is a general overview of day two: 16 Everyone made great electret microphones – and we all put our fantom power setup in a small box – which we found lying around in Paf. 17 Two workshop participants spent almost the whole afternoon and evening under the pingpong table – attaching their freshly made […]

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St-Erme day one

This is the workspace space. All looks quite clean at the beginning… 14 We started on a little solar explanation in the sun. 15

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