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Reports Reports – number one – ADA, a day about sound in ‘s Hertogenbosch

The month of May has been busy busy. Lots of challenging activities, lectures, workshops, inside, outside and even more than a million Volts somewhere along the line. For posterity’s sake, and to keep a trace of past adventures I’ll try to reconstruct these activities in some stories. Here goes Report Number one; started in May, […]

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On taking notes and the act of writing something down

When I was a student, it was in the pre-laptop era, taking notes was a valuable action. The better your notes, the better your end results and examinations. You were highly trained, very fast, listening and writing at the same time. I was very particular about my pens, they had to slide over the paper […]

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Melville & annotations

I’m preparing a talk on licenses and art, for next Tuesday. In my research I stumbled on the importance of books in the life of 19th century author Herman Melville. This post is not about the books that influenced him as such, but about the annotations he made in them. From Melville’s Marginalia: From youth […]

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Meanwhile in Brussels

The Brussels Hackerspace has a bookscanner, which turns pages with certain books (depending on the paper)! In a particular Brussels street (Paleizenstraat – Rue des Palais – near the canal) I ran into this sign: and this sign: This company comes to kidnap your oil! 🙂

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Our cluttered minds

Most of the time I’m not a very concentrated person, my attention span can be very short (it can also be very long). I quite easily get distracted because I feel my senses are very open for impulses most of the time. I like reading on how a mind works, remembers, relives, lacks or gives […]

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When cleaning up your hard drive

You rediscover lots of things. A bit more than a year ago I saw and filmed how they make cycling paths signs on the road. Here’s a little movie on how they do that in Brussels. Some summer zen..

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Tinkering versus engineering

I have just filled in a questionnaire by the excellent difference between crafting and engineering was one of the questions asked. I realize that in my answer on this question I shifted the focus from crafting to tinkering, without a second thought as I do not consider what I do as to be crafting. […]

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Open Hardware definition

When the Arduino people decided to make Arduino open (put the plans online for example), there was no specific license which was applicable to hardware. Open licenses started out in the software realm – they have for example been adapted and modified for text (GNU Free Documentation License) and art (the Free Art License). The […]

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Woodie Guthrie

“In the 1930’s, American folk singer Woody Guthrie printed his songbooks with the following remark: This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright #154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don’t give a dern. Publish it. […]

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Handshake – a quote

“Anson shook my hand with that significant extra squeeze some men give you just before the release.”

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