Domestic Science Club @ INVITRO – Thursday 31/5/2012 from 19h

Domestic Science Club welcomes you Thursday 31/5/2012 at Recyclart/INVITRO.

20:30h Wendy Van Wynsberghe – The Kissing Protocol
Wendy Van Wynsberghe will demonstrate some greeting protocols, re-enacted by the public. How can a group greet each other? Can we make new future greetings? By means of current, conductive textile, threads and sensors, cheeks will be dressed up, and make contact.

21: 30h David Elchardus and Gosie Vervloessem – Gravity
David and Gosie will try to fly to the moon and back, with the help of a little black hole.

Ongoing : Marthe Van Dessel, the one and only DJette, will cycle around
with her boom box bike
A boom box bike is a bicycle ghettoblaster to play recorded music in public space. This one has an extra effect: speed of the music is set by the speed of biking. Sound documentaries and promotional melodies will linger in the Marolles air.

Domestic Science Workshop is open during the event. We organize a miniature sandbag throwing lowland game.

Hope to see you there.
Wendy, Naomi, Marthe and Gosie

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