Opening Ever Mass Land – New Years reception

From February to the end of July, bolwerK are artist in residence in TBC (from Nadine) in Schaarbeek Brussels. BolwerK’s stay in The Ever Mass Land (TBC) is all about work, cooperation, networking. This is quite apparent in the way bolwerK connects organisations, the neighbourhood, the neighbours, next door cultural centre De kriekelaar, people and even family become linked – integrating the natural environment (national tree climbing day). With this as a starting point I got the idea to develop a low tech greeting glove.

For the opening of the Ever Mass Land my protoype was far from ready – so I made two work gloves greet each other at the entrance. I also sewed a short text on what a handshake boils down to. I invited everyone to greet their neighbour and I welcomed them in the building.

When you meet someone, you are evaluated, judged. How close do you stand to someone, how do you position yourself, how hard do your really squeeze the hand of the person that you greet?


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