Software & Open Hardware – reprogramming MakeyMakey on Linux

Often in Open Hardware projects you have a direct link with software. Depending on the project, the connected software is more or less multiplatform. The more “public friendly’ your open hardware project, apparently the harder it becomes to get support for Linux. Or your project is so specific, it runs only on particular systems, under specific conditions.

I have run into the barrier of obscure/non-existing Linux support a couple of times recently (Adafruit Flora for example – an Arduino based eTextile microcontroller).
Does being a Linux user imply a certain tech savviness? (is this a rhetorical question?)

Same goes for Makey Makey, an relatively easy to use microcontroller.

That’s where little treasures of shared knowledge pop up in blogs and fora.
If you want to re-programme a MakeyMakey: here’s a nice combination of a forum, a manual and a blogpost.

Perhaps, wandering about on the www via search engines, someone can find this post, to then find…

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